Are you a news aggregation site?

Are you a news aggregation site? Please read this text By Kimberley Isbell at Nieman Journalism Lab

In a nutshell: News Aggregation’s Best practices 

If you are the creator of a news aggregation website, what should you do to protect yourself against lawsuits? Short of licensing all of the content you use, there are certain best practices that you can adopt that are likely to reduce your legal risk.

1. Reproduce only those portions of the headline or article that are necessary to make your point or to identify the story. Do not reproduce the story in its entirety.

2. Try not to use all, or even the majority, of articles available from a single source. Limit yourself to those articles that are directly relevant to your audience.

3. Prominently identify the source of the article.

4. Whenever possible, link to the original source of the article.

5. When possible, provide context or commentary for the material you use.


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